Best Dirt Bike Grips Review

Dirt bikes are a kid’s first choice at the beginning of their school life. And consistently it is essential to find the best dirt bike grips for palms feasibility and soothing effects. Basically, kids’ arms are sensitive and not that stiffer like adult people. So comforts are necessary here for them. Several dirt bike grips are made by numerous sports or kids companies and among those all, we picked the top 10 products for our customer convenience. Through the sessions we will discuss product review, comfortability, installing, removing, and buying guides. Let’s enjoy the article!

Best Dirt Bike Grips

Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Grips Review 2021

Actually, we use dirt bike grips to mitigate the vibration in bike handles, to feel cozy, and smart lookings. Not only for kids but also adult dirt bikes need a firm grip to resist resonance, vibration, sweat, and stiffness. Even in wet or muddy conditions, it will help a lot in balancing. The best dirt bike grips from diverse manufacturers are presented here in the following section-

# 1) Renthal Gray Full Diamond Soft Compound Dirt Bike Grip

Everyone familiar to motocross madness in hilly regions or zigzag arena. This gray compound motocross grip is simple, in a word. Synthetic rubber construction with great tackiness made this grip fabulous performers.Renthal Gray Full Diamond Soft Compound Dirt Bike Grip


Palms are sweaty in summer or sunny weather. Due to human body metabolism and imbalance of salt level, some people sweat much. Moreover, while riding speedy dirt bikes in a race, people get tensed and it causes sweat. This synthetic rubber made grip has great absorption value. Pretty gray color with tiny abrasions made it suitable for any biker. Combined tackiness, strength and shock absorption features are really outstanding when using this grip. Besides, it is very easy to install or uninstall into a handlebar.

Reasons to Buy

  • 3 pcs in the package
  • Affordable cost
  • Available anywhere
  • Dimension: 9.8 x 6.3 x 2.8 inch
  • Lightweight and weighs only 3.52 oz
  • Great for kids and high school kids
  • Compound synthetic rubber construction
  • Softy and no stalling
  • 3 diverse patterns in design

Reasons to Avoid

No demerits have been found yet

Recommend to

For regular riders and motocross racers, we recommend this grip because of its versatility. Good abrasive softy structure ensures the highest comforts to users. However, the simple but elegant look of this grip is eye-soothing for crowds. But this grip is only for dirt bikes. You should not use it on semi-auto bikes or hunky bikes.


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# 2) Odi Half Waffle V2 MX Lock-On Dirt Bike Grips

This grip has a lock system that protects slipping from hands. Although it’s hard to slip from hands. V2 MX grips are great for its different color combinations. Easy to use and install as well as uninstalling.Odi Half Waffle V2 MX Lock-On Dirt Bike Grips


The most promising feature of this grip is its comfortability factor. It needs no glue to stick on the handle so no bothering sticky feelings anymore. Simple structure with soft cushioned rubber made it cozy. It has a good thickness hence bulkiness or torment never happens using a long time. Even if you use hand-gloves on it, the traction stays rigid, non-slippery and affirmed.

Reasons to Buy

  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Flo-orange, Gray
  • Replacing done by seconds
  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • No glue needed
  • 100% slip-free construction
  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inch
  • Weight: 6.4 oz
  • For 2-stroke motocross models
  • Handguards available

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some say this grip is heavier than other grips

Recommend to

For adult kids who are 9-16y can easily use this grip because of its flexibility and calmness. No glues or wires to make it stiffer because it already sticks to the handle once installed. Usually, 2-stroke bikers can occupy this grip for motocross dirt bikes or any racing dirt bikes. Furthermore, it is also used for regular bikes that have thick handles.


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# 3) Kawasaki Throttle Bar Dirt Bike Grips

Japanese technologists manufactured this smart and alluring dirt bike grip for rangers actually. Especially, despatch riders and dirt race bikers feel the utmost luxury as well as relaxation. Quality rubber made construction with vast durability made this grip famous to motocross juniors. Stylish design and easy to install features are really awesome in words. It is a 2-pcs set in green color.Kawasaki Throttle Bar Dirt Bike Grips


Versatile designs and updates are available for this dirt bike grip online and local marketplaces. You need no glue to stick on to handlebars, even no strings or wires are needed. Alteration or reinstalling can be done in seconds. Faster, smarter, and stiffer- these three criteria make a rider cheerful always.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable and stout
  • Extraordinary sweat controlling options
  • Quick absorption
  • Perfect for ⅞ inch handlebars
  • Dimension: 8.6 x 5.9 x 2.2 inch
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Soft and abrasive
  • Easy assembling
  • Cost affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Careful for being provoked by similar unknown products

Recommend to

Well, this Kawasaki dirt bike grip has diverse designs like KX65 KX85 KX125 KX250 KX250F. All of these are recommended for adult bikers. Kids no need to use these because their palm skins are soft and sensitive. Lots of rubbing on the abrasive grip cause skin hardness, cell manipulation, pain, and stiffness. Besides, adult kids of high school can easily use this grip for dirt bike madness.


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# 4) Odi Emig V2 Lock-On Grips – 2 & 4-Stroke

Throttle tube included with snap-on cam to coordinate more models. Knockout finishes effectively suit handguards. No security wire required methods longer hold life, even in case of an accident. Medium measurement knurled design EMIG Design incorporates exceptional structured half-waffle design with thumb alleviation. Incorporates cams for full-size bicycles.Odi Emig V2 Lock-On Grips - 2 & 4-Stroke


Odi manufacturer always looks for colors and here with this Emig V2, they launched 7 different colors. For both boys and girls, color is a major factor. Especially, little girls fond of bright pink colors because that is cuter. Basically, Odin manufacturer made this V2 grip in assistance with Jeff, who is a prominent designer. Jeff created this grip with enough small abrasive pores and stripes. Good firming by hands and stiffer feel in use. Even if riders slide or on gloves, handlebars don’t slip away.

Reasons to Buy

  • Colors: Orange, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Grey, Bright Red
  • Safety clutch available
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Good for throttle handles
  • Easy installation
  • No glue needed
  • No strings or wires
  • Rough abrasive construction
  • 100% pure rubber structure
  • Dimension: 5.5 x 9.1 x 2.7 inch
  • Weight: 6.4 oz

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive

Recommend to

These grips are superb firming materials from Odi manufacturers. It is an updated version of their previous product hence the most demanding in marketplaces. We constantly emphasize on quality and this grip has outstanding features. It is recommended for kids to adult people who love riding dirt bikes. However, it is not good for high-configuration bikes.


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# 5) Universal Grips for Taper Dirt Pit Bike

This universal ⅞′′ handlebar grip is manufactured by SciMotors company in assisting with Yamaha manufacturers. SciMotors Universal always provides the best quality goods and tools for bikes, specifically. This grip is called universal because of its versatility and diversified functions. No skid technology and ergonomic design of this stuff are absolutely fascinating to users. Nice body-grip interaction and comfortable to any rider.Universal Grips for Taper Dirt Pit Bike


The design of this grip is slipping resistive so sweaty hands never slip away. Quick absorption of moist has crowned it reliable and flexible for palms. It relieves the rider’s tiredness and fatigue. Faster installation and no usage of glue is another great characteristic of this grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • No skidding
  • Quality rubber construction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good for motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, quads, pocket bikes
  • Even used in vehicles that use ⅞ inch handlebar grips
  • 2-pcs package
  • Lightweight and cheap

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for simple bike or tri-cycles

Recommend to

This Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki relevant grip is recommended for motocross riders or normal motorcyclists. No glue or wire is needed to firm strongly hence you can use it anywhere that uses ⅞ inch handlebar grips. Good customer value for the price and performance so far. However, due to some export-import policies, it is unavailable to some European countries. Lightweight and skid resistive actions are immensely popular with regular bikers. Long durability is another key factor of this universal grip.


# 6) Universal Pillow Grip for Dirt Bike

Another product from AnXin technologies who already eminent for innovative works and creativity. Like the previous universal grip, this pillow grip has some great privileges over that old one. It is named as pillow grip for its softness and cuteness. Zigzag rubber construction helps a huge tackiness to human palms. Simple looking structure with absorption effects is fond of most people who love riding.Universal Pillow Grip for Dirt Bike


This is a brand new product from the manufacturer with high-quality rubber construction. Super soft cushions enhance less vibration even on rocky roads. No corrosion or rust and temperature doesn’t matter in it. So riders get long time relaxation and comforts. Even for offroad riders, this grip is better for its non-slippery technology.

Reasons to Buy

  • Soft like foam
  • Durable, stiffer, temperature resistive
  • Tacky and sticky to handlebars
  • Colors: Blue. Grey, Red, Yellow
  • Dimension: 3.1 x 3.1 x 3.9 inch
  • Weight: 3.52 oz
  • High-quality rubber mounting with softness
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle
  • 2020 new products
  • Lightweight and cost affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Too much temperature cause melting

Recommend to

So far so good product to recommend any dirt biker for their collection. Not only dirt bikers but also every biker needs to collect lots of grips. This universal grip has diverse usage over vehicles that uses ⅞ inch handlebars. Moreover, the soft cushioned foam structure is decent for twister throttle bikers. You can use this on your quad bike also. Taping is not necessary but if you want to use, wrap with electric sticky tapes. It is recommended for experienced bikers and motocross or offroad bikers. Not recommended for juniors.


# 7) Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Grip

Look for a low budget grip with the finest longevity? Well, this Risk Racing Fusion grip has no glue, no wires, and no slipping privileges at a low cost. Dual durable wall structure with nice tacky color already made it an outstanding performer for bikers. Less vibrant and improved arm technology favors every dirt bikers smoothness. Easy to install and ergonomic design.Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Grip


First of all, it needs no glue and wires that are really bothering. It is compatible with all offroad vehicles that have ⅞ inch handlebars. Even on terrain or desert karts, it can be used easily. Riders feel luxurious relaxation while riding on roads.  Despite the fact that this patent-pending plan highlight is inconspicuous, it extraordinarily diminishes warmth and weight, which lessens rankling and builds rider comfort.

Reasons to Buy

  • Color: Red, Green
  • Dimension: 10 x 2.5 x 8 inch
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Fusion bonding catalyst and strips are included with the package
  • Maximum grip strength
  • Dual grip technology in one
  • Good looking and smart color
  • Temperature resistive as well as water-resistive

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not easy installation process

Recommend to

This Fusion grip for dirt bikes is recommended for teenagers and adult riders. They could use it quite comfortably. Adult palms and wrists are rigid, stiffer, stronger than kids. However, this grip doesn’t slip from hand, but kids are not allowed to use this on their bikes. For its affordable price, you can keep one for your offroad dirt bike or scooter. Pure rubber made construction is honestly ergonomic and amicable.


# 8) Anti-slip Rubber Racing Grip for Dirt Bike

2020 new attraction for dirt bikers or offroad bikers. This super anti-slip rubber grip came from the famous AnXin manufacturers. So far we posted few products from them and now this one is better for speedy riders.Anti-slip Rubber Racing Grip for Dirt Bike


Super-soft rubber construction of this racing grip provides enough tackiness as well as anti-slipping features. The grip is foamy cushioned hence comfortable enough to firm. The high-performance grip helps a lot of durability to bikers. Better than any expectation with its low cost. You can ride with speed to other competitors during a race track. Moreover, an overall control on this handle grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reduced vibration
  • Tacky and stick to handlebars
  • Durable, stiffer, and efficient
  • Robust technology from AnXin
  • Sophisticated throttle gear safety
  • Easy installation as well as alteration
  • 30-days limited warranty
  • Best price and affordable
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Pair of products
  • Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Black/Grey

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good for normal bikes or motorcycles
  • Shipping delay

Recommend to

This is an advanced rubber technology grip that is used for pit bikes, muddy races, dirt bikes, motocross, and heavy-duty rides. Long rides also possible with these grips according to rider level. However, the flexible structure is completely ergonomic in design and suits most of the bikes. We recommend this for teenagers and adult riders. Besides, it works fabulously with kid’s dirt bikes too.


# 9) Renthal Compound Motocross Grip

Woohoo! Motocross madness still rocks. Yes, another one from Renthal sports incorporations with its compound structure with catchy color. If you are familiar with Kevlar vests, this one is made of those fabrics. Top racers and expert bikers choose this compound motocross grip for its smooth body with tiny blocked pores. Moreover, it enhances body-hand interaction while riding. Easy installation features and durable construction.Renthal Compound Motocross Grip


They join the solidness of the Renthal firm compound holds with the vibe and retention characteristics of the Renthal scope of gentler compound grasps. Firm compound is utilized for the rib, inward sleeve and external finish of the grasp for greatest sturdiness. Gentler mixes are utilized for the external breadth of the grasp, which is in direct contact with the palm, fingers, and thumb.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tapered and covered
  • Ergonomic design
  • Worth of money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly and dismantle
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Dimension: 9.8 x 6.5 x 2.5 inch
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Color: Red/Grey

Reasons to Avoid

No complaints from riders yet

Recommend to

These are a delicate intensify that makes them wear from use yet gives a practically crude grip of your gloves absent a lot of weight. It gives an extraordinary firm of any climate conditions. Hence we recommend this grip for excellent bikers who ride all weather conditions. In rainy weather, the grips still comfy to hold and never slips a bit. But you should be cautious about gloves because sometimes gloves get too sloppy to attach handle grips. Moreover, it is not suggested to apply on tennis bats or baseball bats.


# 10) Wingsmoto Soft Rubber Dirt Bike Grip

This one for juniors. Especially, girls adorable stuff because of its fluorescent pink color that flashes at nighttime. Made of soft rubber and an elegant combination of feel and comfortability. Good longevity and durability. This is the super new product of 2020.Wingsmoto Soft Rubber Dirt Bike Grip


This dirt bike grip has universal diversity of usage. You can use this on your regular bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and scooters. Girls feel lots of suitability and flexibility using this grip on their bike handles. The fluorescent pink color is bright that glaze in the dark at night. Besides, you feel lots of relaxation even if you use these grips on a dirt pit bike. Standard ⅞ inch handles are suitable for these grips.

Reasons to Buy

  • Soft rubber construction
  • Lightweight and small
  • Hefty and glossy
  • Affordable price
  • Two-layer grip (inside, outside) for long-lasting
  • Universal handle grips
  • Pair of products are provided
  • Weight: 0.32 oz
  • Super new in 2020

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not acceptable for kid’s scooter

Recommend to

Specifically, this Wingsmoto grip is recommended for teenage girls or 9-year-old girls who just started dirt biking. This is a propelled elastic innovation grip that is utilized for pit bicycles, sloppy races, earth bicycles, motocross, and uncompromising rides. Long rides additionally conceivable with these hold as indicated by rider level. At its moderate cost, you can save one for your rough terrain earth bicycle or bike. Unadulterated elastic made development is really ergonomic and neighborly.


How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

Now it’s time for some DIY works to install dirt bikes grips. Not only dirt bikes but also any grips that need to fix; requires glue, acetone or lubricant oil, a soft clean towel, pliers, and thin metal wire (not a must). As we mentioned earlier, this section will support you with some basic smart techniques to install dirt bike grips.

Carefully Cut

Say, you’re trying to install a new grip on your dirt bike handle that has already an old grip. So, you have to remove it first. Take a paper-knife or cutter and unzip the blade slightly. Find a loose spot on the old grip. Place the blade there and cut the grip steadily. Don’t rush, because of safety issues. Not only your hand get an injury but also the handlebar gets scratches.

After gently moving the blade all along the old grip, open the two sides and remove. Throw it into a trash basket or bin. Make sure it won’t get in wrong hands.

Clean the Handlebar

In this step, take a soft clean cotton towel and put some lubricant oil/ glycerine/ acetone solution on it. Let it soaked on the towel. Now use this wet towel on the handlebar to remove any rust, dust, damp, glue, ad resin. Make it an acute newbie.

If there are unwashable or stiff resin that doesn’t remove, use a kitchen knife to hone on it. See the figure above. After applying the solution, the handlebar shines anew. Rub the handlebar with tissue paper or another clean towel. Make sure of no splash.

Metal Glue Works

I personally recommend applying glue on handlebars before installing a dirt bike grip. It will make the grip stronger and stiffer 10 times than normal. Numerous metal interacted glues are available in local hardware stores or online marketplaces. Order or buy a good one. Now, put the glue on the handle. Another tip to mention- you can wrap the handle with one or two turns of electrical tape.

See the figure- I used solvent glue on electrical sticky tape for my dirt bike. I had a little hole at the end of the handlebar, so I put some extra taping there (grey color). Solvent gel glues get hard in a moment so you have to do faster this time. As soon as you put the glue on the handle, get ready to install the grip.

Safety Wires

Well, this is not compulsory for junior dirt bikes. However, experts recommended using some safety wires at the end side of grips. If you are able to collect some aluminum wire of 4mm dia, you can try it. Just turn the wire around the grip end and twist some.

Use pliers to tighten the wire ends by some windings. Make sure the wire end doesn’t bother your hand for injuries. Cut it sharply and use sandpapers to sand rough edges.


How to Remove Dirt Bikes Grips

Well, this one is easier and literally just the reverse of installing process. Before evacuating the grips first remove the wellbeing wire, whenever utilized. Numerous riders use wellbeing wire to safely secure the holds to the handlebar. Use wire cutters and they’ll be off in a snap, truly. Next, take an X-action blade or extremely sharp edge and cut the whole length of the hold on the top and the base. Strip the old hold off.

In the event that you made sense of the compressed air firearm stunt or you use lock-on holds at that point, you’re prepared to introduce the new grips. Be that as it may, most riders utilize the time tested strategy for the stick. In this way you’ll have some paste buildup you’ll have to clear off. Contingent upon how old the paste is it may very well fold off utilizing a coarse cloth. Be that as it may, undoubtedly you’ll require a cleaner like a scouring cushion and some water. It shouldn’t take however a couple of moments to get the paste buildup off.


How to Install Dirt Bike Grips without Glue

Although it is not smart using no glue on dirt bikes handlebars before installing grips but not impossible. Without glue, the grips would be loose or less durable. However, taking some trending steps from DIY, you can install dirt bike grips without glue. Basically, the replacement of glue is available specifically in local hardware stores. Four short techniques can be applied to replace glue-

  • Solvent cement
  • Golf club’s grip tape
  • Spray paint
  • Safety wire

Safety wires are essential with the other 3s for maximum durability and stability.

Solvent Cement

Mostly plumbers and masons use this for their quick remedy. Besides, it can be used for the replacement of glue on handlebars. Like glue spreading, you have to spread solvent cement all over the clean handlebar.

For your convenience, I put an image here of different solvent cement. For a dirt bike, it is suggested to use tube solvent cement. Both advantage and disadvantage of solvent cement is- it dries faster enough in a blink. But convenient for those people who don’t want to interact with glue. Solvent cement isn’t sticky for the human body but harmful. So, handle this carefully.

Golf Club’s Grip Tape

Unlike normal electrical tape, golf club’s grip tapes are quite different from others. These are most likely thin weather tape. Super adhesive and risky too. If it touches your body parts or arm, it would be a serious condition to remove. So be cautious using this tape. Use this tape from the rear to front of handlebars. Repeat the procedure reversely. So you have two windings from left to right and right to left. Cut the residual tape. Smoothen it with the handle and make sure of no visible adhesive.

Gold club tapes are dual-sided adhesive. Hence, before installing dirt bikes grips, remove the external cover from taping carefully and slowly. Any rush during this session would destroy the total process.

Spray Paint

Raw paints are sticky unless it dries quickly in the air. If you don’t want to use glue on your dirt bike handles before installing grips, use spray paints. But grips should be installed as soon as the raw paint on the handle.

A number of huge spray paints are available nearer you. Use those products that are interactive to metals.

Safety Wires

It is essential for every dirt bike grips installation. In the earlier section, we discussed the privileges of this safety wires. Be that as it may, specialists suggested utilizing some security wires toward the end side of holds. In the event that you can gather some aluminum wire of 4mm dia, you can attempt it. Simply turn the wire around the hold end and wind a few.

Use forceps to fix the wire finishes by certain windings. Ensure the wire end doesn’t trouble your hand for wounds. Cut it pointedly and use sandpapers to sand unpleasant edges.


What are the Best Dirt Bike Grips

So far you’ve known about the installations, uninstallations, without glue installation, and removal of dirt bike grips. In this section, we will show you what are the best dirt bike grips. It might help you purchase the best dirt bike grips from anywhere whether locally or online sellers. First of all, you have to consider three common things-

Comfortability & Feelings

On the off chance that you are utilizing the correct grips, you shouldn’t be aware of your ones. In the event that you are getting rankles and arm siphon after even short rides, you realize you have an inappropriate grip. Wrong grips cause unhealthy situations in the physique. The kind of riding you do will have a ton to do with the sort of holds you ought to utilize. So far our reviewed products, you can find comfortability criteria of every dirt bike grip. Furthermore, feelings should be cozy and relaxing. Slippy stuff isn’t that comfortable for riders.


You need your grips to last in excess of two or three ends of the week, regardless of whether they are a delicate or hard compound. It’s ideal to go with name brand holds, they’re a really modest thing when contrasted with different parts on your dirt bikes. Riders use lots of caring and maintenance for dirt bike grips. Besides, being cheap, dirt bike grips are alterable anytime. But it is better having a durable dirt-bike grip on handlebars.


With the distinction in cost between a quality hold that you’re alright with, and a second rate grip being just a couple of bucks, it’s smarter to go with the one you’re generally competent with. Regularly, grips with a delicate compound will destroy snappier, and a harder compound will last more. On the off chance that you like a milder grip, you can bear to supplant them two or three times each year.


Final Verdict

It is challenging and critical to find the best dirt bike grips because every product has different features over another. Moreover, dirt bike grips are too cheap to afford. Regular riders don’t aware of this handlebar grip rather they use pillow pattern grips much. Pillow pattern grips are stiffer enough and durable. Installation and removal of dirt bike grips are inevitable to comprehend. Likewise, choosing the apt dirt bike grips section helps you to select the righteous products. However, if anything we missed here to inform you, feel free to ask our blog or forum or live chat room. Comments also allowed for everyone. You can comment, suggest, follow, or just grow your ideas on it. Good day!